She adopted an abandoned dog, but 24 days after he attacks her fiercely. Or why is run or world. (video)

Erika is a young woman who loves dogs. One day she passed on the street and saw a hungry and full of dog aggression brands. She decided to adopt him, treat it well, give you love and play with it, but after 24 day I put it a camera filming and were several dog attacks Érika.

Because the dog attacked this girl? You'll understand why after seeing the video. Maybe even a tear deites, but do not be ashamed to lie down, because we also happened the same.
See this beautiful video that is running the world, showing how the dogs that are rescued attack the owners who give them affection. If there is something that you should share, is no doubt this time.



This dog called Roy and even has a facebook page! Enter to get to know this exciting story!




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  1. Que fofura!
    Eles são muito gratos e amam com sinceridade.
    São melhores que nós!

    • On a beau faire des études bourrées de physique, il y a certaines questions que je ne me pose pas.Bref c'est un blog raaairchissfnt, plein d'humour et à prendre comme il vient.Dans un monde où les gens sont parfois trop sérieux, ça fait du bien de se marrer un coup…Les dessins sont géniaux, les textes bien marrants et instructifs: le ton est parfait pour un moment de détente.Et pour ceux qui ne peuvent prendre ce blog tel qu'il est, c'est à dire, au second degré, laissez ceux qu'ils le veulent s'éclater en paix! ;)Merci Marion!!!

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