Image Ran the world: Dog Cries after being Abandoned

Image Ran the world: Dog Cries after being Abandoned!


In the United Kingdom have been common in recent times and the phenomenon is beginning to worry. There are many dogs abandoned at railway stations and found stuck waiting for someone to notice what they do over there.
Recently, Esatbourne station, It was abandoned a Staffordshire bull terrier and its image is running social networks.
The dog was tied to a fence by his owner, that left him only a little water. After that jumped in a cab and was no more seen.
After having been abandoned, the animal remained sitting waiting for its owner, with tears in his eyes and the Yelp. The image of that moment is running the world and generate immense controversy.
Station officials picked up the dog and delivered it to the city shelter services. The owner is to be found, but still no success.

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    It is very painful for me, see and know these things!
    Not go further!
    Only share, in order to be able to help you.

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