Pink Dolphin

Have you ever seen a pink Dolphin?

Pinky, the pink Dolphin, He was seen again!


Was in 2007 that Pinky It was first seen, but just now if confirmed that is a female. See the images.

When charter ships Captain Erik Rue saw the Dolphin which would be known as Pinky for the first time, was fascinated. “Was quite pink”, said Rue, the Telegraph. “I've never seen anything like this“.

Pinky. This is how it is known the albino Dolphin, and entirely pink, that was again sighted in the State of Louisiana, in Calcasieu Lake, News ABC News.

The Dolphin is part of a rare species and was first seen in 2007. Over the summer there have been sightings, Although rare, but it is a real reward for those who know and study the species.

Speaking to Newsweek, Erick Rue, Calcasieu's Charter Service, He recalled the first sighting of Pinky, When he was still a baby. "Came toward the shore and the water remained calm. I saw a group of dolphins and there was something in them that seemed different. I waited. When they returned to the surface, one was pink. It was wonderful ".

Erick Rue knows that "there are dolphins in the Amazon [Pink], but they are a bit ugly and stained ", refusing to compare them with Pinky. "This is really a soft pink inside and out", explains.





The photos of the new dolphin sighting have been shared on social networks and become truly viral, the enchant many animal lovers.




That was in 2007, and since then that Erik Rue photograph and film the Dolphin with some frequency, every time I see. But just now if confirmed that is a female, When Rue saw her mate, a lake in the u.s. State of Louisiana.



No one knows for sure why Pinky is so pink, but the more likely it is that it has some type of albinism, said the National Geographic the investigator Greg Barsh. Albinism in animals is recorded when the cells that produce melanin, the pigment that gives color to the eyes, skin, and hair, do not work as they should. Pinky should have this disease since in addition to the different colored skin has red eyes, and you can see their veins through the skin very clear.


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