Car trips with loose or animals with the head in the window can lead to a fine up to € 600

Car trips with loose or animals with the head in the window can lead to a fine up to € 600


With the arrival of summer, There are many families who travel with pets in their cars, but often the animals are released, stick your head out the window. In addition to not be the safest way to transport an animal, constitutes a violation to the rules of the road, with fines ranging from 60 the 600 euros. In this sense, a SOON shared recently seven tips to transport animals properly on a trip by car.


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And veterinary documentation

It is essential to check if all the documentation is in day, especially the animal registration and vaccine newsletter. In the case of long journeys, the veterinarian can advise animal owners on how best to protect the dog or cat during the course of the trip.

Before the trip

Veterinarians may advise the owners to get used to the car and pets in the weeks leading up to the trip. Another of the aspects to be taken into account is the: It is recommended a smaller amount than usual to feed before the trip, so you don't have to deal with nausea or unpleasant surprises.

Small animals

The smaller animals require different measures, as the carrier or specific safety belt. "Must be placed in the back seat or in the trunk, Since you removed the shelf. In the case of cats, they don't like to get out of the routine and I get scared easily with noise, the best solution is the carrier – and may also cover it with a cloth, for best protection (make sure it's not too thick, because of the high temperature)”, shows the LOGO.

Medium and large animals

In the case of larger animals, the bag without shelf is the best option. "You can choose to use a seat belt or an appropriate size carrier. If you prefer to take it loose in the bag, It is advisable to use a network or grid divider, placed between the trunk and the back seat. "

Other animals

With the increasing tendency to have exotic pets, It is up to the veterinarians inform customers about what precautions to take during the holidays. Birds and hamsters must be transported in their cages with food and water.

Temperature and ventilation

Animals are very sensitive to temperature, especially when it's hot. In this way, It is vital that the owners keep the car always fresh. The air conditioning is the best solution and it is necessary to be attentive with the rear Windows. These should not be fully open, because the animal can put his head out or even jump.

Stops and hygiene

The stops are essential, especially in extended travel: the owners must leave the animals walk around for a while and give them opportunity to the needs. If it is not possible to make stops, It is advisable to cover the car with absorbent mats and other protections.

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