10 stupid fashions: Kizomba, Sushi, SWAG, Selfie sticks, etc.

10 stupid fashions: Kizomba, Sushi, SWAG, Selfie sticks, etc.


We live in a world of fashions and tastes influenced by media. Always like this was, now it's even more due to the speed and visibility that the Internet has come to give all the new trends. Let's talk about the dumbest fads out there:




a0fd5dd17d6db323d3a43ed54b8df132Yes, that drink was to our parents and it was served with tonic water and, finest sites, with a slice of lemon. This drink that nobody liked and it was sour, It is fashionable. On the shelves of hypermarkets, where once there was only a mark, the lamest, are now a lot of different brands and styles. The sets of Gin came out of nowhere, but planned, and touched the caipirinhas and mojitos in a corner. Yes, is good, I drink and I've given a time 14 € for a gin. I'm stupid. A fool, even. No drink is worth that kind of money unless for marketing, branding and impinging that make us. Make a gin is not art, My friends. Is to mix scenes inside and see. “AI, the glass has to be frozen, you have to pass the mint leaves on the edges for flavoring, put the emphasis on a spiral spoon not to break the fragile bubbles.”. Less, Please. I'm not to be five minutes waiting for a gin, to know like all the others, especially if it's fifth of the night. Take judgement. Still makes me lose the hitch. The gin was able to win the gay that many men don't feel comfortable moving on. In the old days, any sweet drink with fruit inside was for girl or interior designers. Today, a drink with berries and leaves is man. The staff let it influence with a mole, they say that, for the gin be perfect, the bartender had to mix with my Dick, they drank in the same.




The Kizomba has always been on sets where I live, Buraca. I always heard Kizomba, by force, the party of the school and through the passing cars on my street to the sound of his beat feature. I have nothing against, I confess it is not my style of music, but I might not change the station and up, in the madness, to listen like a car full of friends on their way to the beach. But there are limits, ass! The rubric of RFM “10 songs in a row without stopping”, should be called “5 songs in a row interspersed by 5 Kizombas”. There's no patience, especially, because the Kizomba we arrive is, mostly, bad. Is the commercial, that of African has very little and is made just to sell. It's funny is that you can't say ill of Kizomba without being accused of racism. I also say evil of Bam and that doesn't make me racist against the Portuguese. I don't like, I think people because it gives radio papam because they have no patience for lyrics that make think. I have no problems that a Anselmo Ralph fill a MEO Arena, all I have is too bad there's not so much the public want to hear a Jorge Palma or Sérgio Godinho. Maybe they have to adapt and make new versions: Jorge Palma at the piano, with Kizomba crash behind, singing “Now no more the hand on Chin…”. Or Mr. Gandhi singing “Bo has a twinkle in the eye…”.



Selfie Sticks

40af8de7ded3a747a08fc024e8010eafThe famous selfie sticks. Selfie stick is reminiscent of a sort of flavoring for food or a sex toy to aid masturbation, but not! Is that cable for people taking photos themselves. In my time, asked if someone who was going to take a picture and it was said “Press this button”. That same button on all machines, but we feel always need to say, don't leave the person pushing the flash or the button that ejects the battery. I must say that I recognize the usefulness of selfie sticks, I think that to create a turning effect and are practical to use in various situations. That doesn't mean don't be ridiculous. Are. Walk with the phone stuck on the end of a moleta is just stupid. But the worst is not that, What's worse is that people are too obsessed with themselves. I, When I go somewhere, I'm more interested in taking pictures to landscapes, the monuments, people on the street and the unique moments, than me. Look Cristina Fernandez that has to always appear on the cover of your magazine. If you want to take a picture of the sunset in Bethlehem, What's going to blow your nose?





295ecb5a80a67690a2127c66b44d3c79I don't like. Yes, I've tried more than once. Yes, I've tried different restaurants. Yes, I've been told that it is a matter of habit. I don't like and I don't want to try more, can be? There is always a friend who tries to convince us that sushi is the best food in the world! We just don't like because I haven't experienced with the planets aligned and dresses all of ganga. Put in your head that there are people who don't like raw fish! It shouldn't be something so strange, the strange thing is like. Before, the standard was not to like, but now he's all crazy with the sushi. Is a lack of respect for our ancestors invented fire. I don't see how if you insist on eating something you don't like. If you weren't in fashion, anyone tried 10 times to like. Experienced a, or two, as I, and ready, don't like, never been. But, how cool eating sushi and give good pictures for Instagram, the personnel is obliged to eat until like. Give there 50 € per a sushi that I, with this, dinner all week in Zé Manel, in my garden, where I liked it the first time.




Gourmet fast food

970a4865ef7e7e4abeeb262637fbc004Whether it's gourmet fashion fool enough, So Fast food gourmet is the pinnacle of silliness. In the background, Add the word gourmet, is no more than a burger in the same, only on the plate and more expensive. He's gourmet dogs, francesinhas gourmet, alheira with gourmet egg, is everything gourmet! Steak frites is a sloppy Joe and can never be gourmet! The same with so many other foods that are good because they are not sophisticated. Gourmet deli? This is the same thing as “Street whore, Deluxe”. It makes no sense, are concepts that don't care. As a matter of fact, the word gourmet is so trendy that I bet you some girl told a boyfriend the following: Oh love, is nothing short, It's gourmet. If you were Adam you could cover it with a leaf of Arugula.“.




Photographing food

66600250920c33362df236375aac4665The gourmet and sushi gave rise to another scourge, the photographing food. The Instagram and Facebook were invaded by photographs that perfectly decorated dish. I'm sure this fashion led to many restaurants give more importance to the appearance of the dish than to your taste. People, by your side, began to give more importance to the filter to apply in the photo than the spice. This food is insonsa but I make up for with a Nashville. Is a person trying to diet and has the mural that looks like a catalog of recipes for fat people who want to keep the curves. The only people who should take pictures of the food are the malnourished children of Africa, because it would be a memory of something that they don't know when, and if, go back to view.





Shake your ass in a sexual way and with the shorter shorts on the market, two numbers below, with the excuse that it's a dance. For me, more of these fashions! The twerk's for men, as you shake the bag of cookies is for the dogs salivarem. Fashion is not yet very widespread for Portugal, It is already known that the Portuguese are all about girls. For this reason and because, Maybe, have no way to shake the package, Since our Latin blood cooled a lot for austerity. When it's done right, the twerk and girls who do, It is certainly mesmerizing. We, men, We can be hours watching a cute butt to roll over all. It's genetic and says it's good for circulation. However, It's a fashion fool, especially when it is done in the name of not objectify the woman's body. Ridiculous, but keep doing it, Please.





8389d9e32735793955ca1d67d0cd8a7dThe SWAG is the malta young calls the style. Implies have hats with stickers of origin, handles jerseys, short shorts to show the corner of cu, sunglasses and smoking for the photo. Flashy colors, Beanies with PomPoms at the peak of the summer and leggins with patterns to Joana Vasconcelos. What annoys me most in the SWAG is who adhered to this style say it has SWAG. Is the word itself that bothers me. The style, itself, doesn't make me mess, There have always been silly fashions and each wears what she wants, even though it appears that he was autistic and designer dress by color blind. Is there with them. Put the pants on the bottom of my ass to show the boxers and put artistic clothes at home. You wear what you want and I say what I want. I mean, for example, This scenario that you think that hits a lot, a pause is that it makes you seem goldfinches dressed as clowns.




o-RUNNING-TIPS-facebookEverybody runs, but nobody says that runs. It's much thinner say “Today I won't be able to go to your dinner, Why do I have to go make running”. As a matter of fact, here at Buraca, shall escape maneuvers in running! Much thinner to say that if the escaped bandits. “Yesterday I made five more kilometres in 53 minutes”, share often on Facebook. But who cares? What matters to me how far you traveled on foot, While I was sitting at the computer eating donuts?! Ran? Conducted a running hot? Boy, good for you! They took the iPhone arm and were dressed in designer clothes that cost you a hundred euros? Boy, good for you! Do Not, I don't care about the brand of your tennis. I am not angry with my accomplishments, are you? As a matter of fact, the other day I made 6 km. Drive. To get three pizzas. They didn't see me to brag that, are you? I'm going to start putting on Facebook “William Duarte, just make fucking during 3 hours and 22 minutes. 670 kcal spent. 1 male orgasm and 14 feminine. Went up to master level fucking warrior.”



Detox juices

8e35-5-revenue-to-juice-detox_bgI've never experienced any, but until I'm to do it sometime. A detox juice at the bottom is a cold soup. A species of gazpacho but with “Super-foods”, who are they, by itself, a fashion fool. Women find that drinking detox juice will do expel anus all the crap they eat during the day. “Just Fine, I'm going to eat two Big Macs, later drink a juice with chia, broccoli and sunflower seeds trammel of Zimbabwe, send it all out”.The men drink on the sly, being afraid to be labeled as a little prick the sour, as have most of these juices. Once again, nothing against, drink at ease, to do good for your health. What annoys me most is the pride with that scream to the seven winds just drink some juice.




Unpaid internships

Logo_Estágio_RemuneradoFor order, the dumbest of all fashion. The sets of companies think they have work for free is good. Those companies who hire interns and they already know that they're not going to be with them. They know that they will give the maximum and bring fresh ideas to the company, but they are expendable when they have to give them salary.
“Looking for developer, a recent graduate, I speak five languages, do mortals rear encarpados, Learn to cook Asian and Mediterranean food, get coffees, with solid knowledge of office tools and great capacity for sacrifice, to deal with the stress and you have a fantastic team spirit, to join our, fantastic already, team. Unmissable opportunity to learn and grow professionally. Fixed salary of 0 €. Is non-negotiable.”



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  2. I agree ha very basic fashions…

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