35 Lies that you thought was true!

35 Lies that you thought was true. So far.


And this eh?


1.) You are not born with all the brain cells. There is evidence that your brain will continue producing new cells in certain regions, a process known as neurogenesis.



2.) The color of the mucus of the nose does not indicate if you have a bacterial or viral infection. The color is defined by a variety of ailments.




3.) Fish has no memory of 30 seconds. Actually, they can remember things for months.




4.) Lightning can fall twice in the same place. For example, the Empire State Building is struck up 100 times per year.





5.) Lemmings do not follow each other, committing mass suicide. The "fact" was erroneously perpetuated by a Disney documentary of 1958 (White Wilderness), where the filmmakers manually played the animals off the cliff, all for the good of the good tv.




6.) Disregard the phrase "blind as a bat" (American term – "blind as a bat"), because the bats are not blind. They use echolocation to hunt and locate, but they can see also.




7.) The popular dinosaur, Brontosaurus, in fact there is no. He is an Apatosaurus. The paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh, erroneously identified a Apatosaurus adult as a species completely different.




8.) Pure water does not conduct electricity very well. The reason why you would take a shock, It's that in the water there are minerals, dirt and other things that conduct electricity.




9.) Swallowed gum doesn't take 7 years to be digested. Actually, don't never Digest. It passes harmlessly through the body.




10.) A gene is not equal to a protein. Many genes make several proteins and some make no.




11.) Memória "photographic" nThere will be. Even people with exceptional memory won't remember events with the same details of a camera.




12.) Nails and hair keep growing after we die. In fact the skin, by losing fluids, shrinks, giving the impression of growing.




13.) Snap your fingers won't give you arthritis. Age, injuries, obesity and genetics cause arthritis.




14.) Not all people with Tourette Syndrome are screaming profanity randomly, only a small percentage make it. What is more common the syndrome are involuntary movements and other sound ticks.




15.) Shaving the hair, doesn't make them thicker. You can have the feeling of being so, When cutting, feels just the ends, that are thicker.




16.) Be struck by a ' cent ' (Penny), that was thrown from the top of the Empire State Building, It won't kill you. Her speed, maximum reach 80 km/h. This speed is not enough to kill, but can hurt, enough.




17.) The sharks can get cancer Yes. The myth that that didn't happen, It was created by I. William Lane, in order to sell shark cartilage as a treatment against the disease.




18.) It is possible to place an egg standing on any day of the year (and not just in Spring Equinox). You just need patience and an egg with texture in the shell.




19.) Microwave radiation doesn't cause cancer. Only certain types of radiation can cause this kind of disease (and a lot depends on the dosage).




20.) During the middle ages, most scholars accept that Yes, the Earth was round. The myth that people believed was flat, was started in the 1940, by members of the historical association.




21.) Burgers from the Mc'Donalds can and will rot under the right conditions. As, for example, inside your body.




22.) Stress isn't the big villain of high blood pressure. The stress, of course, can temporarily increase blood pressure, but the main causes of hypertension are smoking, Genetics and a bad diet.




23.) It is more likely that HIV has been passed from apes to humans through hunting, than through intercourse.




24.) Take sugar for children doesn't make them hyperactive. Several studies have shown that children simply are hyperactive, give sweet not made any difference.




25.) Ostriches don't stick your head in the ground when they feel afraid. Actually, throw themselves on the ground and pretend to be dead.




26.) The Northern Hemisphere, or South, the earth does not get closer to the Sun when it's summer. Is warmer during this period because they are inclined towards the Sun, enabling direct interaction with solar energy.




27.) Most diamonds, actually, they are made of compressed coal. Because charcoal is found 2 km from the Earth's surface and the diamonds are compressed and heated to more than 90.




28.) Organic foods are not free of pesticides. According to the U.s. Department of agriculture (USDA), the levels of pesticides in non-organic and organic foods are so low that not enough to be a health concern.




29.) Dogs and cats don't see in shades of gray, they see in shades of blue and green.




30.) The great wall of China is the only man-made structure visible from space.




31.) Your blood is never blue. Is red, oxygenated or not. Your veins appear blue on your skin tone.




32.) People use more than 10% "of their brains. In real use the whole brain. However, We use different areas at different times.




33.) Poinsétias intake (Parrot-beak) It's not going to kill you or your pets, but it can make you sick and gastrointestinal problems.




34.) Touch frogs will not cause warts. But playing in someone else's warts, However, will. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the biggest cause of them.




35). Gingers won't be extinct, that's because any gene can be extinct. The gene for red hair or blonde, recessive, can be ' charged ' over generations, without that manifests itself as a hair color.



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