' The boyfriend gave his girlfriend a doll. She angrily took the doll and threw it in the middle of the street, just when her boyfriend came. He said: Because you threw away the doll? She replied: Because I don't like the present. He went to pick up the doll, When a car hit him causing his death immediately. On the day of the funeral his girlfriend crying took the doll and embraced. And the doll said: WILL YOU MARRY ME? So Then, She thrilled left the doll drop, and the left pocket of the doll fell 2 alliances… next was written: “LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE, BEFORE LIFE TEACH YOU TO LOVE WHAT YOU LOST“‘





This text makes us reflect that life teaches the value… too late! A great moral lesson in a nutshell, an example of what often happens these days. If we want to talk to, We speak! We ran back and say what you feel, at that exact moment. Without delay. Without wasting time. The time is too short. We must never leave anything unsaid, nothing to do. Tomorrow can be too late often. We give value to what we have, enhance who's on our side, who never abandons us, demonstrate that we value with gestures or simple words. Nobody guess what goes in the mind of each. What has to happen, It just happens. If we stopped the time blocks for us but does not stop for the rest of the world! We cannot live with expectations, doubt it goes right or wrong, We should not treat people like second or third options. We can't treat people as players, life is just a, It's win or lose, There are no second lives with second chances. We should live in the moment and enjoy every second in this life! The above story is true or not, teaches and opens the eyes of those who treat as option the people who treat them as foreground! Do not treat as second choices who put first, who's on your side, you help and is always willing to talk and to do everything to make them feel good. It hurts! It hurts to be treated as an option “whatever”.




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