I took my daughter 17 years in underwear with a stranger lying on the couch!

I took my daughter 17 years in underwear with a stranger lying on the couch!


This is a story that's been circulating a lot over the internet of a real case in which a father faced with the daughter of 17 years on the couch of his home with a complete stranger. Passed to the 15 years ago and recently he decided to share it on social networks and it's one of those stories of letting anyone jaw dropped!
This story will teach you a lot and soon you will know why! 😉

"A morning, When I came downstairs, falls exactly in this scene: my daughter 17 years lying half-naked with a stranger in our family sofa. This was clearly a night of "hard work" for both. I've been quietly making coffee and I went to tell my wife, My son and my other daughter not to make noise, because there were still people who slept.

Our table was in front of the couch, about 6-7 metres from the couch. When the family has set the table for breakfast, I said dryly: "YOUNG!"I've never seen anyone get up so quickly in my life. This young man had passed from the horizontal position to the vertical position in a fraction of a second. “Breakfast is ready”, I said pulling the Chair beside me. "Let's sit down."

He stood up, trying to hide his bossa pants morning. A hump quite impressive I must admit. My wife and youngest daughter were also with the eyes!

After dressing, He travelled the few metres between the couch and dining table and were certainly the most difficult of his life meter. I looked them in the eye, with my deeper voice, and I told him: "I have a question for you ... the answer is very important. FOR YOU!"At that moment, It was evident that he was sweating. Had drops of sweat formed on his forehead. “Do you like cats?”, I added.

He was a very good boy and very friendly. Clearly rude, but not stupid. My daughter assured me that he was very good and helpful. She knew it about a month ago, but he had never spent the night here.

He came to pick her up in the morning to go to school with your bike, and I'd bring the night. He took care of her when she was sick. He ensured that she was doing the duties. He invested a lot of time and effort by my daughter. He had the patience of a Saint when she was at that time of the month ...

He said he had no family, I had no education, or stable job. She loved him. He loved the. Who was I to stop them to learn from their own mistakes?

8 months after the meeting, My son came to me asking if I knew more about this young. He was a homeless guy, his father was abusive and committed suicide. The mother, also committed suicide when he was only 15 years of age. He went to live on the street, during 3 years. He slept in parks, shelters for the homeless, etc. He did construction work to afford to eat.

But all that didn't matter because what I saw was a young 18 years, always polite and helpful, I came home with a smile and leave with a smile. He helped us ... and most important of all, He made my daughter happy.

At times, He did not appear for a few days, because I had a construction job out of town, then I'd miss him. My youngest daughter trusted him and knew he would never hurt her older sister, My wife had developed a maternal instinct for him and my son liked him too. I? I cared about him, I wanted him to be happy.

When I spoke with my wife and with my youngest daughter, I was furious that my youngest daughter already knew so much about him, and not saying anything. The sister told you everything, She knew everything, but I didn't say anything! She appreciated him but let him go every night, to where ?????

The next day, I gave him a key to the House, I told him I was waiting for him at home every night. In the weeks that followed, We have renewed the guest room and bought furniture. He was very good at building things and told me he wanted to be your own boss, He liked to build things.

That was in 2000. Today, 15 years later, my daughter and my son-in-law gave me three beautiful grandchildren, they have an profitable and love each other more than anything in the world.

If you're wondering why I'm telling you all this, is simple: Don't let the first impression you have of someone ruin a life. "

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