Asteroid with 40 feet can reach the Earth in 2017

Asteroid with 40 feet can reach the Earth in 2017

An asteroid with 40 metres from the size of the statue of liberty is on a collision course with planet Earth. According to astronomer Judit Györgyey-Ries, the University of Texas McDonald Observatory, believes that the asteroid can create an impact when it reaches the planet even bigger than the celestial body that hit Russia in February 2013 that caused more than 1200 wounded.
"The size of the 2012 TC4 was estimated from its brightness[…] It can be smaller or larger, of 10 a 40 meters. An iron object 40 meters, If you enter into our atmosphere could make a huge crater; already a rocky object 10 meters would hardly be noticed. ", said Detlef Koschny.

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