No more Prejudice with the Tattoos

No more Prejudice with the Tattoos

This is a topic that has been discussed hundreds of times on many sites but that apparently has not served much. It is increasingly common to the art of tattooing and increasingly women use their body as a screen to give wings to the imagination, write a story or simply because it's beautiful. There are a good few years ago who had tattoos were considered criminal, Nowadays criminals wear suit and tie, because the beholder Guys don't see hearts! It used to be rare to see a woman tattoo, the men appeared more tattooed and were considered bandits or because they were arrested; a tattooed woman in those days was a woman of bad life!
Thankfully times have changed and the evolution of tattoos was fantastic. Over time was appearing artists of all styles and with an unmatched creativity! The body art is something that will stay forever and when held will have to be well thought out. Most people when they do their tattoos is not because they simply make them but because they mean something, means a moment for which passed or a step completed… There are hundreds of reasons why do tattoos.
Nowadays it is very common to go out and see a woman tattoo, Unfortunately there is still prejudice who has tattoos come in a bad life or sucks! No more prejudices!!!!! The tattoo is a form of expression, is body art is a set of feelings for the very person they mean a lot and nobody has the right to judge! The freedom to do something is all that we do without harming others, This is a right that nobody can take us or anyone else has the right to judge us!
Art is art! Art is freedom of expression, It's feelings, will to live, is pleasure! Do not judge who is not afraid to live and express themselves, It takes a lot of courage to be different and make a difference. You worry about finding something that you do well, as long as there is no prejudice will be happy!!! The bias is in the eye of the beholder; No child is born a racist or prejudice, then why we become when we grew up weak to the point of being unbiased?!?!?! Discrimination kills and injures, It hurts to be broken down before a society so low and without values! How many times have we lost a job opportunity because we have tattoos or piercings??? – But after all the knowledge is abroad… or inside to be excluded at work?! It hurts to be looked at sideways because piercings or tattoos, or dressing Like this or Roast! I point out that the real bad guy is behind the pretty words but false, behind the mask that he uses as a smile but backstabbing! It was always easier to judge others than to admit their own mistakes! Born without asking, die unintentionally… Let's enjoy the range that is very short…. never mind the crap of prejudice aside and go live, because while you are looking for excuses not to do This or that, the people you think don't give a damn to you and who loses… are you! No more Prejudice with the Tattoos! ✌















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  1. Know what it is. I have no tattoos (still), but seen differently (the so-called Gothic style) and, to join this, my hair painted blue. And I got with each one that is hail to the heavens. My boyfriend and I were followed once, by a group of 6 boys making comments to my hair, and I even started getting aggressive. I gave thanks to God that I'm not alone in this time, Why ok, people are cowards, but I'd rather play it safe than be another Sophie Lancaster (her case is an interesting topic to be treated here). I've been also followed by 2 religious men who wanted me “away from the clutches of the devil” and the like. I've been called Satan due to my hair, and this by a woman who claimed to have a university degree (should know better life so). I feel like I have the style I have is a part of me as, I know there, an arm. Is a freedom you don't deprive myself as long as I can. As for the tattoos on you, I think it's a tremendous lack of tea which are reason to prevent someone from working, Since I don't make the person less intelligent or the prevents you from accomplishing tasks.
    The worst is that people with different style, tattoos and etc, who refuse to give up your “I”, not only are considered marginal. Are also considered immature. Immature is who wants to change people by force, not who insists on keeping true to yourself!

    PS:cases of discrimination and assault for having a different style have already caused deaths, serious injury, lynchings and prisons. For those who do not believe (because there are still people call people liars that tell these cases) or want to know more about it, access the tabs “News” and “happened to me” from my blog

    PS2: I apologize for the lengthy comment :$

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