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How to be happy when there's nothing

How to be happy when there's nothing


Life is Beautiful, at least for some people. Many people have a broken relationship, have no friends, or are unemployed and poor. But do not be discouraged, can still be happy. Here are some simple ways to learn how to be happy.

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  • Stop worrying about things that do not matter. Do what you want and listen to your heart. When you lose something, do not cry about it, know that God is always with you.


  • Do not follow the rules or limit yourself. Believe that everything is possible.


  • Be open to love.


  • Listen to music and read a lot of books will challenge you. It's a great opportunity to become better!


  • Go out alone, watch some funny movies, and laughed a lot.


  • Eat what you want. Do not think about gaining weight. Life is too short!


  • Take the time to volunteer. It is free and becomes a better person, helping others.


  • Be sure to keep in touch with your friends and family. Remember these meaningful connections will help to keep you happy. If you are without friends and family, seek communion through a support group or church.


  • You can just sit beside the road and see people as if you were watching movies. You can learn a lot that way.


  • Go to church (or temple or mosque) and pray to God. He is always listening.


  • Try to avoid crowds, especially if they only make you more anxious.


  • If you have no money, do not starve. None of us is above seek help, and deserves to live.


  • Remember that being alone can be a blessing for a while. Enjoy and discover yourself.


  • Sometimes, have nothing is even the solution to the most beautiful experiences!

como ser feliz

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