como ser mais social

How to be social and make more friends!

How to be social and make more friends!


The way she dresses, walks and acts reflects who is for people. Maybe you are having difficulty making new friends or put yourself out there in the social scene in a good way. Just read this to learn how to be social and gain more friends. Enjoy and change your life.

como ser social e ganhar amigos

  • Be toilet. People like to be around people clean and smelling. So Then, brush your teeth twice a day, take a daily bath, and always use deodorant and perfume.


  • Bring joy to your dressing style. What kind of message you are sending to people through the way you dress? Like to wear simple clothes, bigger clothes or plain colors? Just Fine, try to dress more cheerful way. People are more attracted to people who look like they have joy in their lives. Not have to change completely, but try to improve some things. Do not try too. Not have to use all that they say it is fashion, but take note of what would be best for your body type, skin color and personal taste.


  • Get a more flattering look. Go to Google and search for what types of haircuts and hairstyles that best fit your personal taste. A subtle look is the best.

Como ser social

  • Upgrade your attitude. No slouch! Not only is it bad for your back, but it is also bad for how people perceive. Stand up, swing your arms a bit as you walk and always look people in your face and make eye contact. This shows that people who are not afraid of life and they will instantly respect him much more.


  • Talk to someone new every day. Go to someone who does not know or who speaks ill and ask anything. “What time it is? I wonder if the time on my watch is right”, for example. And there can smile and say thank you. You can also get a chance to praise the person, such as: “This shirt looks cool itself”.

How to be social and make more friends

  • Go to different places. Leave the house, simple as that. Dress in your best, put your improved attitude and take a walk and eat something good in the mall, or take a walk at some crowded place. In these places can practice talking to new people, is a great way to show people how cool and also practice your communication skills.


  • Read and learn about the news in many areas as possible. Read about celebrities and also the political, know what is happening in the world and entertainment. The more you know about popular culture, more subjects and more things will have to ask people, in order to strike a conversation.

Como ser social

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