Meet 10 couples who have been together since childhood! No idea who the couple number 6!!!!!

Ah or love! sometimes born without realizing, in a simple friendship that can sometimes come from long ago when it was still an innocent child without knowing anything of the world,
Couples thus begin as brothers, one protects the other and makes the other his best friend and protector, and with time and the coexistence narrows and the brothers became friends if you want to realize that love came and when they realize are completely passionate and dependent on each other, a beautiful form and authenticates love.
The thing to figure things out together, and both have still not been anyone, It is as if there was anyone else in the world to relate, and that kind of love is solid because the wickedness of the world does not destroy, because one knows the other the background and knows the magic recipe not hurt and protect, and this makes the relationship give too sure.
We brought here some couples never separated since childhood, some of them are inseparable friends and other couples who love each other since childhood, be that as it is beautiful to see.
Who had this experience ensures that the complicity between the two is only, a relationship that was built on a sincere friendship that way, It has everything to end well.


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  1. The 6 couple is Casilhas Iker and Sara Carbonero

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