Disney forbids selfie cock in all their amusement parks!

Disney forbids selfie cock in all their amusement parks!


For security reasons, Disney has banned selfie cock in all its parks


Disney reported on this that forbade the selfie cock in all its theme parks in the United States. The other units of the Group, as Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong, should start banning the accessory from 1 July. The information is of “CNN”.

According to Disney, the prohibition, It started last Tuesday (23), is to make the visit to the safer parks. “We strive to provide a great experience for the whole family. Unfortunately, the selfie sticks have become a growing threat to us security, our guests and our employees”, reported Kim Prunty, that is the company spokesperson.

The measure was taken by the Park gradually. In may, the company forbade the accessory in attractions such as “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad”, Magic Kingdom Park, because all the time the operators of the machinery had to cut the tour short, because there was a risk of the accessory to be placed on the tracks of the stroller and cause accidents.

According to the “CNN”, There will be a place for visitors to keep your cock of selfie. However, the parks will distribute signs encouraging visitors to leave their cars or bus accessory.

Selfie's cock was banned in places such as New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, English League football stadiums, London's National Gallery, Versales Palace and the American Coachella music festival.

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