Does Tattoo to 98 years and wants to enter into the “Guinness Book of records”

Of, But how am I going to look like when she gets older if I have a tattoo?”. It is common to hear this type of questioning. But thoughts like this no matter for the retired
Epiphany Mendes. To 98 years, She entered a Studio to make his second tattoo, a hummingbird on thigh. With the done, She hopes to be included in the Guinness Book, as the oldest woman in the world to get a tattoo. About the pain of having a definite design in the skin? There was no suffering, ensures. Epiphany's family is large and, According to her, already has more than 100 people. The sophomore had 18 children and has even great-great grandchildren. One of the pleasures of retired is reciting poems and one of the styles that she likes are the erotic.

It was like an Ant passing. I don't think sore. Pure Beauty!

Responsible for drawings of Epiphany is the tattooist Flávio Araújo, who claims that his client didn't give her older work.

She complained of pain at any time. And also chose a part of the body where the skin is less flabby, What facilitates.
Said Flávio Araújo

Epifania Mendes 2

Who will take care of the attempt to make the retired, who lives in Sobradinho (DF), appear on a page of the Guinness Book, known as the Guinness Book of records, is your grandchild, the musician Engels Spirits. According to him, the next step is to try to contact the representative of the publication in Brazil.

I did a little research and saw that there is no woman with so much age as she is to get a tattoo.


Epifania Mendes 3



Epiphany already had a tattoo, also in the thigh, made for eight years. Now, She plans the next, to celebrate the 100 years of life, in 2017. She says she decided to draw the bird because it had a flower emblazoned on the skin and wanted to make the Hummingbird to complement the first tattoo. The next drawing, According to her, It's going to be a star, to be carried on the shoulder.


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