It was open to the throat in the ER because her father left home alone 2:0

It was open to the throat in the ER because her father left home alone 2:0


When a story like this happens, It's rare to find on the Internet, but Kelliee Jo Nelson, a mother of Wyoming, want your daughter navigate the world.

The young Taylor Nelson, 16 years, took advantage of the absence of the father to empty a couple of bottles of alcohol in the company of his cousin, but I should never have done it.

The father was absent only two hours from home, but when he came back, found unconscious daughter wrapped in a blanket, She was immediately taken to hospital, where doctors discovered that she had a blood alcohol level of 4,5 g/l, 5 times the limit permitted by law. Enough to kill a man.

The doctors needed three attempts to intubate Taylor, had to open her throat to do it. She, so, passed 18 hours with this device because I couldn't breathe on her own.


Taylor's mother, then, took a picture of his daughter and posted on Facebook, together with the the following message:


“Here's what may seem a 16 After 2 beers, two shots of Captain Morgan, 2 Apple Pie shots Moonshine, 2 shots of whiskey and a handful of blueberries soaked in alcohol. I hope my daughter and my niece to understand how lucky he had. I hope you've learned an important lesson. And I hope that this experience be shared to prevent other children can lose their lives.
Doctors report that if the father had found minutes later, She probably wouldn't be in this world.”

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