UNBELIEVABLE: Mom found her arms around the child 4.000 years later!!!

Mom found her arms around the child 4000 years later


Chinese archaeologists found skeletons of people who died in an earthquake in 2000 BC.


Archaeologists have discovered in China a mother's skeleton interlaced to the son. The loving embrace of the dam lasted 4000 years, Once researchers believe that both died in the year 2000 Before Christ. The same arqueológos admit that the mother will have been trying to protect her son during a strong earthquake, at that time, struck the Qinghai province, in the central China.

According to the People's Daily Online, the remains were unearthed in an archaeological dig of the Bronze age. In the upper reaches of the Yellow River, in China, in Minhe County, in northwestern Qinghai province, is an area known as Lajia. Evidence of Bronze Age culture are still there to be discovered, including skeletons of people who died during the earthquake which devastated the area around 2000 BC.

Surprisingly, the skeletons are well-preserved and are in positions where they were buried during the earthquake. The most exciting is precisely of a mother hugging her son. This image is touching the hearts of many Chinese netizens.

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