Women are smarter than men!

Women are smarter than men!


According to a study conducted in the United Kingdom, women are smarter than men.


The results of the investigations, showed for six months, through the number of right answers in an online Trivia game.

The game was a battle between a male team and one female team.

During their competition, about of 15 million questions were asked to both teams.

The women answered correctly 4,008 million questions and the men's team, a 3,984 million.

The issues addressed in the game, They covered various subjects and themes that are divided into several categories.

The women, obtained more correct answers in the entertainment category, while men, They obtained more points in the category of Science and Nature, hitting in 57% of the questions.

The next battle is being planned and will be among young people and veterans, in other words, a team with people under thirty years of age against a team of people with ages above this age group.

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