Prehistoric mutant washed up in Russia!

Prehistoric mutant washed up in Russia!


The creature was found along the coast of the island of Sakhalin, on the East side of Russia. The marine biologists who attended the scene don't make any idea what kind of animal is, but they admit that one can treat of a prehistoric creature.


An incredibly unusual sea creature washed up on the island of Sakhalin, in Eastern Russia. There's beak and by the. Yes, and by the. Hence the mystery you're integrating community Russian biologist.

The marine biologists who were at the scene have no idea what kind of animal can be, but they admit the possibility of being a kind of ' mutant’ prehistoric. The animal was found already in the stage of decomposition, with bones visible and with the physical structure torn.

According to the Russian newspaper Siberian times, the length of fluff was extensive, as the nozzle. The size of the creature was twice that of a human.

Some have said that this is a different kind of dolphins, but biologists say it's impossible, given the furry animal's coat.

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