"Don't give me mincing words, even with unfinished phrases, Malformed metaphors, Neither unfunny jokes. Don't bring me means kisses, means hugs, a little tenderness. Bring me before deep kissing, long hugs and uncertainty that nothing more right there not to be sure of anything, very least you.
Don't recite verses means, not bring only half of you. Come and give me the poetry that I thought I'd. Don't give me means bars, socks songs and dates. If you want to see coming and ready, comes with all you have, with your body firm. I want you to come, even if it is just those mere minutes, those mere hours that will not be. But I want the whole, seduce me by half. Don't offer me a half a Cup much less half a drink, offers me a night of alcoholism, of madness and seduction. Don't give me that means smiles or laughter socks. Comes with a ' yes my taste is the kind you think '. Just with my thoughts about you media, just disturbing the body with goosebumps. Give me them whole. Don't allow media scares, dreams media, means ' so ' or ' media until tomorrow '. Don't come more please don't come, don't screw half of me. Comes with the courage to steal whole entire Kiss, a whole chunk of who you don't know if you want to and feel, who feel and you don't know if you want to. If you come just by half which is why you see? I'm a woman of life, all or nothing. Bring me unusual to be called lines written to the attention but convinced, because socks expressions sent in haste are incomplete. Don't give me feel half interested not be kind of interested. Is and will be. If you're not, Why? I also do not! Incites me media terms, I'm left or right, front or back, I'm all or nothing, but I'm, even if it's just now. Promise me another date integer, It was so fast, I didn't even. Don't give me socks sensations. At least comes with a friendship full.

Come here please come without media. Don't come more please don't come.

I don't know if you want to come. "

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