Reto del pasesito

The new viral challenge with Coke that can turn tragedy: Reto del pasesito

Viral challenge generates controversy: "Reto del pasesito"

Videos originating from Mexico began to appear on the Internet. Similar to the well-known ' ice bucket challenge ', young people consume a quantity of cocaine before the Board and then indicate a friend to do the same. It's called "Reto del pasesito" and hopefully will not have the same popularity of the previous challenge.

A video appeared online of a woman that appears to smell “white powder” – so nominate your friends to do the same.
A new dangerous trend is emerging online, that mimics the Bucket Ice Challenge – but requires participants to Snort cocaine. The new shocking challenge that originates in Mexico, is to be shared across multiple social media sites and even had its own page on Facebook. Requires nominees to apparently smell cocaine in the Chamber before naming several of his friends to join. He was described in the Mexican press as a challenge for the wealthy members of society. The authorities viewed the videos and they're investigating now, According to the local media.


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