What we want from men

What we want from men? : This is a recurring question when the male gathers to talk.

In addition to experience, What is a very efficient way to understand what women want from men, Another way to get to know how to work the head of women's reading about them. Do not try to understand the mind of a woman, We do not want to be understood; We want to be respected. Often what we say does not correspond to what we think… Maybe this fear of not being understood, because it has a reason: men like “create” the perfect woman in their heads, many seek a woman beautiful others just a woman with a pure heart. Guys wake up to life! Women to feel safe with you and speak openly about everything and anything, need a security that goes further than just fine words, promises and gifts; We like to be respected and feel that there is confidence, sometimes spoiled (but without exaggeration), sincerity and honesty is the strong point for all, Nobody is happy with words, the acts is that build “Castle” that will be the safe haven for they can unload in less good moments.
We prefer a truth that donates than a lie to kill; a sincerity that recreate the chest than treachery that stab in the back.

Will understand gradually that we women are all different, We all have a different way of thinking and acting… and hate to be compared! Happiness isn't for us live great novels but rather build real moments every day.

Tips for them

⚠ Women want men attentive, (but not “glues”), men decided, (but not “macho”), loving men, (but no frills). The best way to please a woman is not a clown, Since we like men super balanced, who can have a dominant alpha male attitude with the characteristics of a romantic "the old-fashioned way".

⚠ Are not slugs or sticky, hate it (but invite at one time or another to get out or dining out doesn't kill anybody).

⚠ We hate to wait and be devalued! We value the small things and small moments. Seconds can be worth more than hours. We don't like mincing words or middle term, Either a man or a mouse! We like to live one day at a time but with the hope of tomorrow be today without illusions and delusions!

⚠ Don't like when you take advantage of our feelings, actually… We hate! We don't like to be treated as flowers but a affection every now and then never hurt anyone!

⚠ No need to give us satisfaction at all times, actually we hate whatever and when the phone stops ringing; like space and freedom for us. Do not try to make us jealous with other, You then just do figure of suckers, they don't have to prove anything or need anyone else to show something, all you have to do is demonstrate what I feel.

⚠ About style… for us it is very important because the simpler the better! In fact we prefer a underdressed with strong heart than a Principand with a heart of stone.

⚠ We like challenges and not have everything by hand, Since easy achievements aren't attractive and what easy come, easy go!


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