Looking for the prettiest pussy in the world!

Looking for the prettiest pussy in the world!

Do Not! It's no joke! Entrepreneur promotes controversial contest!

The entrepreneur and designer sex toys Brian Sloan are you looking for the most beautiful vagina in the world through a contest that is causing controversy. Brian Sloan, inventor of the Autoblow-sex toy for men that simulates oral sex –, want to create several covers for the next product, a simulator of sex, reproducing male preferences in terms of aspect of female genitalia. The competitors enable-if the prize money (4400 euros for the first, 2200 for the second and 1100 for the third most beautiful vagina in the world) and a trip to Los Angeles, in the United States, where the vaginas winners will play in 3D. To participate, just take a picture of vagina and submit the contest site, with the name, age and location. Several photos are now available for voting. The promotional video (You can see below) and the contest are being much criticized, especially by feminist movements, they consider that the competition is the vagina “a mere object of male sexual satisfaction“.


“Download the panties, hold the camera and send us a photo of your vagina!”


Brian Sloan explains everything in the video below:


Already know, If you are interested, Here is the site! Just click and try my luck, After all can win 5.000$ ! 😉 -> Vagina Contest Entry


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  1. The most beautiful ?? will never be a consensus for them in all shapes and sizes but overall pretty

  2. I wanted to comment on something, but you better not. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Eduardo Rodrigues

      It is true that this is something criticized by women, but also boys as it is an absurd and ugly contest.

  3. João Vasco Mota contest for you

  4. What will be the criteria for choosing?:-?

  5. Absolutely love everything like this

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