Refugees fed "like animals" in Hungary!!!!

Were disseminated images that show how the refugees are being treated at the main refugee camp in Hungary.

The video, filmed secretly by a volunteer from Austria visited the Roszke field on Wednesday, shows about of 150 people fighting for sandwich bags thrown in his direction by the Hungarian police, which uses helmets and masks, in an enclosure within a large Atrium.


Women and children are caught up in a chaotic fight for food, with people trying to frantically picking up pieces of bread that fly through the air. Many migrants in the back of the crowd jump the fence, waving and shouting to attract the attention of the.

Seemed to be fed animals in a corral, as Guantanamo in Europe”, said Alexander Spritzendorfer, whose wife, Michaela, filmed images.

Spritzendorfer told AFP that went up to bring food Roszke, clothes and medicines to help the thousands of refugees who have crossed the border.

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  1. In Portugal's worse is going to fill in the bins is slightly worse !!!!!!!!!

  2. acabem com a guerra no país deles….

  3. Deviam ser alimentados á base de chumbo! Não estão bemvoltem para a terrinha!

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