Last hour: Nuno ex box of secrets locked up badly

Remember the House of secrets by Nuno who ended up having a relationship with Vanessa also participant of the same issue , which still lasts. According to his girlfriend Vanessa Nuno was really bad . She who gave an interview to one of the most read magazines of Portugal , The Tv guide where it says that your boyfriend was always with headaches but that at first they didn't because they thought it was just fatigue like many other times and that it would go. But it didn't pass , and his State of health was worsening day by day with vomiting and dizziness which made him go to the hospital of Loures. When he got there just right for getting admitted to the serum and the next day began to improve but his girlfriend ensures that he was really bad. The reason was never discovered , thinking be an infection caused by a virus , the reason nor the doctors know because have not reached any conclusions.Nuno Casa dos Segredos

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  2. I think it's a crisis of labyrinthitis!

  3. Speedy recovery Nuno is a fan of madeira. kisses ….

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