a good son

How to be a good son

Learn how to be a good son

a good sonTo be a good son, It takes a great sense of responsibility, spend quality time away from your personal needs, and balance important issues between you and your parents.


Establish a goal. That attributes that has can make you a good son? Focus on the needs and attributes that need improvement, in order to provide a better quality of life for your parents. Do not allow friends or become distracted by personal selfish needs.


Spend time with your parents. A little time spent with their parents often can help achieve a better mutual understanding. Make time to engage in issues that require time and attention.


Sacrifice something for them, without anything in return. Parents are our strength. Sacrifice something for them is the best activity that a child can do. That will bring great joy and feel wanted and necessary also.


Show your parents you care. Be with them through their happiness and agony. Give them a lot of care. Furthermore, do your tasks, How to Cook, wash the dishes, wash clothes, mow the lawn, clean the TOILET (the parents love it!), and even fix the car. Your father would be proud of this one! Just being a handyman around the House.

a good son

Learn something with them. A father is always willing to lend your experience with your child.
A good performance in school. If you do well in school, their parents will be happy and will reward you for being a great student. This will give you great comfort in knowing that your investment itself was not in vain.


Be a dutiful son. Obey the instructions of their parents. Their parents lived longer than you and, as a result, their conversation goes out of your years of experience.


Make them proud. All the parents feel proud and fun when your kids can anything in life. Update your parents of each stage at school and work.

a good son

Live in accordance with your expectations. All parents hope that their children will not do anything wrong and against family values. So Then, be sure to cultivate and nurture their family values.
Always look for the advice of their parents. In situations where you have to take major decisions, will help you a lot.


Be sweet. Give her love without limits. Cure all the sorrows and diseases with the best medicine available, your love.


Always keep your parents happy. Try to do everything you can for your parents, as gifting them new clothes, take them somewhere, etc. Can make them feel proud for doing fun things with you.

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