A Body, Two Souls!

A Body, Two Souls!

The girls who share the same body. This is the story of twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to be born in the same body that someone else? Because that's exactly what happens with the Siamese twins. A part of a body caught in another body. The American twins Abigail Loraine Hensel and Brittany Lee Hensel. The two tracks were born by the neck. Learn more about the history of these…





Abigail and Brittany Hensel, the twins dicéfalas, born in Carver County, Minnesota, in 7 March 1990, and here is the daughter of Patty Hensel (nurse) and Mike Hensel (Carpenter and gardener). The twins have a younger brother named Dakota, or Koty for short, In addition to a sister, also more new, call Morgan.

They were created in New Germany, Minnesota, Lutheran philosophy. To 12 years, they underwent a surgery at Gillette Children's Healthcare, to correct scoliosis and expand your rib cage, to avoid future trouble with breathing.

Although share a single body, the twins have different tastes in food and clothing.

Some of their clothes are changed so that they have two openings for the separate necks in order to emphasize your individuality.


The separation

After their births, his parents rejected options to try to surgically separate them after hearing from doctors that it was not likely the survival of girls.
As the girls grew up and learned to walk and develop other skills, his parents confirmed the decision against separation, claiming that the quality of life for the mate to survive, or for both live separately, would be less than the current quality of life.


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Facts of life

Both passed successfully, both in written evidence how in practice, to get their driver's licenses. They had to do the tests twice, once for each. Abby controls the pedals, radio, heating, defroster and other devices located to the right of the driver's seat, While Brittany controls the arrow and the lights of the vehicle, and together, they control the steering wheel. They also plan to visit the United Kingdom, so that both may have a chance to use their opposite controls, Since in this country the vehicles have reversed commands (English hand).

Both have completed higher education in 2008. They began to study at the University of Bethel, in St. Paul, Minnesota.





Physiology, Anatomy and psychology

Brittany's head is tilted approximately 15 degrees sideways and out, While Abby's head tilts laterally outward about from 5 degrees, What causes the impression that the head of Brittany might be slightly shorter.

Each of the twins manages one side of the body. United, are quite effective in cooperatively with its members, When both hands or legs are required in a task. By coordinating their efforts, they are able to walk, run, cycling normally. Each writes with the hand control. Together, they can, still, typing on the keyboard of a computer to a normal speed. The sense of touch to each is restricted to your half of the body.







They are clearly, different people, with different tastes, dislikes, and preferences. Until their options in relation to food, clothing color, etc, are different.

Some of her clothes are changed by their seamstresses, so that they have two separate necklines, in order to emphasize their individuality.

They usually have separate meals, but sometimes share a single meal for the sake of convenience (for example, each takes a bite of Burger even).

Abigail is better at math, and Brittany is better in English.



The main concern of them, It's about your health, because only four pairs of Siamese twins who shared the same log and two survived to adulthood, most of these had congenital heart problems or abnormalities of other organs. But none of them look like the case of Hensel, even if they, so far, were not free to all medical studies, being that intended to, still, make a limited number of appearances in the media, in the future, mainly, just to placate the curiosity of the world and reduce the number of people who could be surprised by their unusual settings.

Recently, They declare that they don't like to be intensely looks or photographed by strangers or talk about their private lives, but they said they expect a day date, get married and have kids. They believe, still, You may be able to drive otherwise the social life.



  • 1 rib cage
  • 3 lungs
  • 2 hearts
  • 1 liver
  • 2 Gall bladders
  • 2 stomachs
  • 1 small intestine
  • 1 large intestine
  • 1 right kidney
  • 2 left kidney
  • 1 pelvis
  • 1 pair of ovaries
  • 1 uterus
  • 1 vagina
  • 1 urethra













Media appearances

The twins ' first appearance in the media was in the program The Oprah Winfrey Show, in 08 April and 29 April 1996. Yet in April 1996, the twins were featured on the cover of Life magazine, under the title "One Body, Two Souls” ("A Body, Two Souls "), and their daily lifestyles, were described in the article entitled The Hensels ' Summer. The Life stories telling followed them until 1998.

In 2003, Time magazine, and then Life magazine, published an article recounting the life of 11-year-old girls (they have completed 11 years in 2001). Still in 2003, in 27 March, They participated in the program Joined for Life, produced byAdvanced Medical Productions, and featured on Discovery Health Channel.

They appeared, After, a documentary of The Learning Channel, called Joined for Life: Abby and Brittany Turn 16, displayed in 17 December 2006, which was filmed at the time of their birthdays 16 years, in which they discuss how to deal with puberty, and where getting their driver's licenses.

In 19 February 2007, they appeared in Extraordinary People: The Twins Who Share a Body, the station Five (of the United Kingdom).






The history of these girls make us reflect that everything in this world is possible with or without differences, the power of love gave strength to these girls are what they are today. Hope to learn was greater than the fear of failure or be looked at sideways. They are a great example towards society. A body and two souls capable of everything to be happy and feel good about themselves.

Below I leave you a fascinating video about Abigail and Brittany, strongly advise all who read this article to see the video, It is certainly an example for all! 😉


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