Cherish what you have,before that life teaches you how to appreciate what had.

Cherish what you have,before that life teaches you how to appreciate what had…


How many times this happens? Without realizing, without realizing that hurt who most love? We value and are not valued?
Life teaches that the time is short, that tomorrow is a question mark. Life teaches you to value what one day should be valued and that today was too late because we think whenever we have time. We think we have the solution for everything but we never have the right attitude to do it. There are certain moments, all the time is right to act, enough to want. Often we seek happiness and when we realize, happiness is right next to us and not wanting to let slip through pride. The big problem is people think too much and do less. Not always correct is what we think, but in our intuition that sometimes escapes think that will not work: -“E se?“… How many times these two little words have hovered in your head and originated big thoughts? We must always repent to try and fail than not try and stay to think he could have worked. The human being is a animal complicated to understand but that should not be understood. The excuses we apply often to defer dreams or goals, It is not nothing less than fear of failure, when it is to happen it is not worth trying to escape. Happiness is not sought, It is created by us! Love and value what they have by your side, open their eyes to what is right in front of you! Worse than not being loved, It is to be disregarded and devalued! Cherish what you have, before life teach you to value it had is too late.



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  1. I have always valued everything I have and always knew distinguish values ​​and qualities!
    And even contrárianente to my principles…
    Stand and endure certain incidental prejudices which ignore, because fortunately I am not part of this class and I insist on keeping my!
    To the wise…
    Even for Visiting my page,It is tip!

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