Vanessa Martins leaves message: "We're separated, we're not divorced ... "

Vanessa Martins and Marco Costa are officially separated, however it seems that there is clarification to make the fans.

This Sunday, 05 of August, the blogger appealed to their social networks to post a text which warned all people and clarified some ideas due to their separation.

The dummy began by recalling that, at this stage, He called for respect to all the press, which has not happened:

"There are about a little over a week I and Marco we announced that we were apart, We ask about this stage of our lives. And what has happened? The press has tried enxovalhar our relationship placing third persons among us, speculating, offended ... well everything to be able to sell magazines ", wrote.

Vanessa Martins also highlighted the fact that, where appropriate, resort to their social networks to inform whatever fans, making a request:

"I have kept me only watch without comment. And now I'm here to talk about it is to alert the nearly half a million people who are on this side not to buy magazines living trying to disgrace the lives of others. Do not be deceived by desirable titles and distorted stories. The truth will be found always here in our social networks. And this comes in the first person ".

The blogger continued clarification, revealing to fans that the process that the two are living is time consuming and needs time:

"I have read reviews from people who do not know us, who judge us and offend us. an almost ratio 5 years due to ALL of unknown problems, we decided to separate. We're separated, we are not divorced. Estamos num processo que merece tempo”, clarified.

A modelo terminou, acrescentando que os problemas que levaram à sua rutura com Marco Costa apenas dizem respeito aos dois:

“E ninguém é merecedor numa fase destas ser capa de todas as revistas com títulos ofensivos e de difamação de imagem. Por isso tenham atenção ao que leêm e no que acreditam. Só eu e o Marco sabemos os motivos que nos levaram a esta separação. E aconteça o que acontecer, leve o tempo que levar, é por aqui por nós que irão saber. Devido ao carinho que vocês têm por nós, não porque somos obrigados a fazer. Quem fala de revistas fala de notícias on-line com atualizações ridículas de situações que não fazem sentido nenhum”.

In turn, também no seu Insta Stories, Marco Costa decidiu fazer suas as palavras da ex-companheira e partilhou o mesmo texto.

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