coin 1 Penny

Currency of 1 Penny worth more than € 2,500 ? I was wondering if you had any?

How many times we fell on the floor a 1 Penny and just by the work of the catch or even downloaded to the pick up ?

Often do not ?

So this goes out to all those who ever made it . There are coins of 1 Penny that can be worth more than 2500 euros . Yes you heard right . There are collectors to pay even more than that if I just need to have because they are so rare and although the value of the market is valued at about € 2,500 people have already paid 6600 euros for a penny. This is a coin that has a recording error made in print by Mint . For those who don't know the coins with bloopers reach very high values because as always are rare all collectors intend to have one in your collection. The error in question dates back 13 years ago when the Mint made mistakes and caused a quarter of just 1 Penny was worth a Fortune now.

coin 1 Penny
coin 1 Penny

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  1. but has q be equal to that in the ft have a pq 2001 and one of 1997

  2. what's the error…. I have a 2004

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