A case very…. Hairy!

Yasmin Gasimova owns the hairy body that caused a rise in social networks.
The girl confessed that don't shave there is 8 years and that neither intends to do that so early. She posted a series of photos in which displays your legs, Belly, armpits and even the face, all these parts were full of hair!
She has 19 years old and lives in England, says he started getting uncomfortable when he was only 10 years and in school began to tease her because of her hair.
Then they all shaved, but he said that the inconvenience of having them growing thick, carving them and itchy, was so great that when she completed 11 years, decided you weren't going to shave.
Says he actually shaves very rarely the underarms and get a little facial hair when it is absolutely necessary, because otherwise it would cost you a “social suicide”; his mother and his friends were surprised that decision at first, because they thought it was carelessness of Yasmin and didn't understand why she didn't want to shave at least once a month.
The comments were very negative, but over time, your friends and family understand the purpose of Yasmin and started to live better. Talk that nobody needs to feel ashamed of his natural body and who dreams of the day when you can go out on the streets with a shorts and your legs without shaving, without fear of what others will think of her. For she pays nothing stuck in the feeling of freedom you feel while not having to be stuck in those beauty standards required by society, the only thing she cares about is making the eyebrow, because this is something she likes to keep a nice drawing.
She thinks your idea can be followed by other women, because the world is extremely sexist and men are not judged by their coarse hair and large.
Says nothing natural in a woman's body can make her feel less feminine and that is a reality that should not be hidden because there's nothing dirty or unclean about it!

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Has anyone seen American Horror Story? Does Yasmin was inspired by the Ethel Darling?

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Hairy or not, every woman has the right and the freedom to be exactly as it is and as you want without being judged. Happy is the one who has the courage to show and hide from society!

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