importance of fiber in the diet

The importance of fiber in the diet

The importance of fiber in the diet

You need to consume more fiber! Discover where to find them and the benefits they can bring to your health

The routine run leads to abuse of foods low in nutrients, like cookies, industrialized snacks, white breads and snacks from fast food chains. One of the compounds that end up causing shortage of the fiber, which help regulate the functioning of the digestive system and act in the prevention of various diseases.

Understand how the fibers act in the body and what to do to increase your daily intake.


The fiber which is to feed?

Fibers are chemical compounds that form the cell wall of the plant. While providing no nutrients and are not digested by the human body, They have essential roles in the health of the digestive, cardiovascular and help control weight.

They are divided into soluble and insoluble. While the insoluble type are eliminated without suffering changes in its structure, soluble form a gel when in contact with water within the digestive system.

The daily intake of fiber is recommended for an adult of 20 a 40 grams daily, but most Brazilians reaches less than half the ideal consumption.

importance of fiber in the diet


Benefits of fibers to health

Regular intake of high-fiber foods It offers dozens of health benefits. The main ones are:

– Increased feelings of fullness: you need to eat less food, He spends more time satisfied and not hungry between meals, facilitating weight loss;

– Elimination of impurities and carcinogenic substances that accumulate in the intestine;

– Decrease speed with which the sugar is absorbed, preventing diabetes type 2 and facilitating glycemic control;

– Maintaining a healthy stool frequency, avoiding constipation and accumulation of toxins;

– Training consistent stools, preventing diarrhea;

– Reduction of the cholesterol level in the blood and preventing vascular diseases: the gel formed by the fibers absorbs and eases removal of fat molecules;

– Prevention of diseases such as bowel cancer and diverticular disease of the colon;

– Maintenance of the intestinal flora, necessary for proper digestion of food.


High-fiber foods

The fibers are found in abundance in whole grains, in legumes (beans, pea, Soy, lentil, pods in general, chickpea), in the skin of fruits, in flours and whole bran, grains such as flaxseed, quinoa e chia, in vegetables and greens.

importance of fiber in the diet

To make the most of these foods, is essential to take at least 2 liters of water a day, because it reacts with the fibers, producing gel that concentrates its benefits.


As increasing fiber intake or?

Just follow a few simple tips:

– Consume more raw vegetables;

– Eat nuts and bagasse, and prefer to eat fruit to make juice;

– Replace the rice and noodles for full version;

– Prefer breads made with whole wheat flour;

– When cooking beans, add ground flaxseed (in addition to increasing the amount of fiber and prevent breast cancer, helps to thicken the broth);

– In revenues from breads and pastas, replace half the flour refined by full or sharps and functional flours.

importance of fiber in the diet



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