Learn to say no to children

Learn to say no to children

Learn to say no to children is important

Nowadays we, country, tried even if indirectly and, sometimes, imperceptible protect in too much our children. This behavior means that they become, Naturally, more and less autonomous and independent.

Learn to say no to children

This overprotection, Although we, country, in the opinion the more advantageous for our children, not always is, slowing in some cases the growth and maturity of children.

It is a fact that today the world is different from the twenty or thirty years, There are more dangers, This being one of the arguments that most country uses to justify the excessive protection that give the children, However it is inevitable that sooner or later our kids to expose these situations of danger, and then the more you're ready, better to exceed.

Encourage your child to be autonomous and independent

Learn to say no to childrenCurrently one of the main mistakes of us, country, in the education of our children is not to encourage the autonomy and independence of these. This is not a way to discard our parental responsibilities, Neither did we leave our children the "abandonment", but through small ways to stimulate their growth and autonomy.

A great way to perform what was previously exposed, is we let our kids in charge of performing small tasks that they for their age or maturity you can run, in particular take a bath alone, dress themselves, prepare your lunch, among other.

Obviously you can't require, or wait, a child with only one or two years of age can pick their clothes and dress up alone, However the same will happen with a 10-year-old, that obviously has ability to perform this task.

It is very common to hear that friends are the ones who know how to say no when you have to be, being a father or mother also happens to know say no.

The importance of knowing say no

Saber dizer não aos filhosWe can thus conclude that know say no is essential in education and growth of our children, a time that will help them grow and more able to cope with possible dangerous situations.

Despite what was approached to be always on, and of course not applicable in all cases, the reality is that our education as country decisively influence the future of our children, of course we want the best possible.

It should be noted that I'm not a psychologist nor studied the behavior of children, It cannot thus judge the education that this or that father gives his children, However I believe that everything that has been written here has a great Foundation, Perhaps the most valid of them all, the very logic.

I conclude by checking that say no to his son is not a sign that you don't like him, but help you grow, to be more autonomous and independent, naturally more prepared for life, that as we adults know, It's not exactly a bed of roses.

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