Love in fiction, hate in real life!

Love in fiction, hate in real life!


Some celebrities just hate each other. But work is work, and the disagreements must stand aside. Everybody once in my life I've had to work with that person boring and that you have no empathy. And with these actors, happened exactly: they had to put the feuds aside and assume the professionalism, at least on camera. And more! Love in fiction but hate in real life, because it is, the beholder Guys don't see hearts! 😉



The Big Family (2014): Pedro Cardoso and Guta Stresser



Who wasn't captivated by Augustine and Bebel in the big family? They were one of the most outstanding Brazilian TV couples, but already had their disagreements. According to the newspaper the Day, the actor Pedro Cardoso started a fight with Guta Stresser in recordings of the show, a few years ago.

The actor went on to say that about 12 years has tolerated the drunkenness of the actress. According to the vehicle, Peter said that Guta was a bad professional.

Some time after, Guta said they already made up and that there is no kind of resentment: “It was something complicated, but it's fully overrun(…). After all, We form one of the most emblematic of the Brazilian TV couples. Would be very boring if the performers end up enemies, right? Pedro said things I shouldn't have said and I ..., I have found that to forgive a person, you first need to understand yourself and forgive yourself for later can forgive others. I believe in this enormous respect we feel for each other after all this time of coexistence. Our relationship couldn't end up bad“, said



Dirty Dancing – Hot Pace (1987): Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey

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Jonny Castle and Frances Houseman acaloraram the heart of the public with their romance in Dirty Dancing. However, in real life the couple hated! The actress even considered not to accept the role just to avoid working with Patrick, believes?



Romeo and Juliet (1996): Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes


Claire could have just 16 years when he shot the adaptation of Shakespeare's story, but that didn't stop her from finding Leonardo DiCaprio – at the time with 22 years – a complete immature. The girl said he couldn't abide more playtime without funny of DiCaprio and the two were not talking off the set, interacting only at the time of filming. That uncomfortable!



Notebook (2004): Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams


didn't get along so well during the filming of the notebook. According to Director Nick Cassavetes, the relationship between the two was complicated.

Maybe I shouldn't tell this story, but they really weren't getting along on the set. I really don't. Ryan came to me in front of 150 extras that were waiting to write a scene and said: ' Nick come here. You can get her out of here and get another actress? I can no longer. I can't act with her. I'm not able to do anything good so”. That evil, do not?

The great irony of all this is that the couple ended up dating in real life after the film. Paid to language, as they say.

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