Blogger shows how people can be cruel!!!

Blogger shows how people can be cruel!!!

Words can hurt more than physical aggression!

Each time we make a comment on the internet, You can be sure that it will be read and may cause a smile or a tear. That's what the beauty blogger In Ford, the My Pale Skin, shows in an exciting video titled "You Look Disgusting” (You look disgusting, in Portuguese).

The blogger is suffering from a hormone imbalance, responsible for cause Acne all over my face. To circumvent this, In learned to put on makeup and hide as a master every Zit on your face. However, When she decided to show her face without makeup on your blog, the comments received were not anything positive. “You're ugly“, “You are a false advertising” e “Some time in your life you've washed your face?"were just some of the cruelties that read.

I love makeup. I may not have a pretty face or a perfect skin. My hair is a little damaged, just as my mind. I may not be the most talented make-up artist of the universe, and I'm sure they don't make the best choices of fashion ... but wearing makeup makes me feel fine, and while I'm happy when I leave the door out, that's all that matters to me“, says blogger.



People will always judge, to badmouth and criticize! Do not admit anyone to demote at nothing! Be happy the way you are with or without makeup well or poorly dressed!

Watch the full video:



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