Bioeffect, company created two years ago in Iceland, a powerful cosmetic manufacturer based on barley, that has already become who is always in search of youth.

As we age, the skin loses collagen and elastin and wrinkles begin to appear. Furthermore, lowers our natural production of EGF, that is the epidermal growth factor, a protein that promotes cell renewal”, explains the doctor Free Tavares, the Brazilian society of Dermatology. The application of the EGF in skin stimulates the formation of new cells and minimizes the visible effect of aging. "These Icelandic scientists were able to extract the EGF of the barley, What until then depended on the action of bacteria ", complete it. According to the company Web site, a bottle 5 ml of serum EGF Bioeffect takes the contents of 100 barley seeds and costs 110 dollars.

For those who want to venture into the world of cosmetic beer, good suggestion are beer baths.

In 2009, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones told the British newspaper Daily Mail who wore a mask of beer and honey to condition your hair, even "you smell like the bottom of a beer barrel per day”.

The Payot brand has a line of some shampoo and conditioner based on yeast of beer that you say you are rich in vitamin E and B complex, It is indicated for those who have fine hair and promises to give brightness, volume and strengthen the capillary pores.

Abroad, the list of cosmetics that take beer into the formula is extensive. The British Lush, specializing in natural products, offers some shampoo Cynthia Sylvia Stout and the finalizer, The Strokes Hair Treatment, I also promise to volume, softness and shine. In The Czech Republic, the Manunfaktura, another natural cosmetics, has a wide range of beer-based care. There, has it all: soaps and bath gel, scrub, massage oils, moisturizer, aftershave lotion and lip balm. Until the American microbrewery Elysian launched a brand of shampoo and conditioner, more geared towards male audiences, the Duffy's Brew.


Let's drink cold beer?!

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