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How often you should wash your hair?

How often you should wash your hair?


Some experts are against frequent hair washing because they say it leads to an overproduction of sebum (oil) you give to compensate for his constant removal.

Others say it is necessary to wash your hair with shampoo to prevent buildup of sebum in the pores and hair follicles, that give rise to skin problems like acne.

The platform of alternative medicine Cure Joy explains that the hair can be compared to the fibers. The more you wash, worse is the aspect.

Therefore, do not wash your hair every day. But, the frequency of washing depends on your hair type, the length and other factors.

How much longer, Grosso, curly and treated well for your hair, greater must be the interval between washes.

But, even the finest hair, short and smooth can be washed every two days, for example.

Furthermore, the way you wash your hair is more important than how often does. It is important to wash the scalp shampoo so you don't dry your roots. It is important to choose the right products for your hair.

If you wash your hair too often opt for a shampoo and conditioner and water-based. If you feel that your hair looks ' drained ' the day after washing, may be using a shampoo and/or conditioner is too ' rich ' and ' thick ' to your hair, Describes the same means.

Between washes can ' Refresh ' your hair and clean the roots with dry shampoo powder.

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