Cristiano Ronaldo faz gesto bonito e da a sua camisola a um jovem

Cristiano Ronaldo made another nice gesture

Another nice gesture of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo made a nice gesture to give your sweater Fran, a young fan with motor deficiency.

It all began in the lobby of the hotel where the team of Real Madrid was hosted, When Cristiano promises to young after the game that gave him his shirt.

As promised, outside the stadium Cristiano Ronaldo get her bag and gives the young. When you receive a bookmark from another fan asked whether he also wants an autograph on my shirt, and so did. However this was not the only shirt that Fran received as Chicharito also gave him his shirt.

With this the young Fran Board more 2 sweaters to your collection! Gives this event in the video below.


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