Harnaam Kaur, the bearded Lady!

Harnaam Kaur, the bearded Lady!


Beneath a beard, runs a river of remarkable beauty and a big heart!


Beard is not male exclusive. However, women with tired hair on face, already were considered freaks and placed on display in circuses and freak shows between the 19th and 20th centuries. The fact is that women can develop a beard for hormonal imbalance, genetic factors or use of anabolic steroids. As an Englishwoman of 23 years is tired of the prejudice that suffers from this condition hairy. Harnaam Kaur discovered to 11 years that had the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, that unbalances the hormones in the body, causing changes as, for example, the such disordered growth of body hair.
Harnaam also commented on the He suffered bullying and that he was accompanied by assaults, isolation and, clear, was the cause of a deep depression intensifier. The situation has reached the extreme of Harnaam began to sackcloth.. To try to alleviate the effects of the disease, She did the face daily and, When I couldn't stand the pain, called for the razor blade. But one day, This scenario has changed. She decided to do a photo shoot dressed bride to combat the prejudice suffered his whole life for having a bearded face. "I had depression and I thought I'd kill myself several times. But instead, I began to encourage. I said to myself: ' The energy you're wasting when you try to shut down your life, use it to do something better ", reveals Harnaam, I decided to keep the beard and fight against all the social expectations of how a woman should be.

"Today I'm in love with all the elements of my body, those who many call defect. I love my beard, My stretch marks and my cicratrizes. These elements make up who I am, they make me whole, they make me complete ", ends.

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  1. good woman for those but in reality want do want are not , you know I'm talking about freak

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