Her husband called her "fat and ugly", She decided to divorce and become!

Her husband called her "fat and ugly", She decided to divorce and become!


The first husband of Liz bully her constantly about your weight, calling her "fat and ugly".

He insisted that she lose weight because I don't attract physically. However, one day Liz got sick of his bullying and filed for divorce.

Shortly after, She changed her lifestyle to make him repent of what you said.

During Metamorphosis, Liz met another man who loved unconditionally, He doesn't jump in weight issues.

However, Liz wanted to complete the challenge I gave to impress her ex-husband and make him repent of what he had said.

Here are the photos of Liz, before, during and after his metamorphosis:


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  1. She thank the ex-husband. If he hadn't said anything she still fat. Who says the truth deserves punishment

  2. that's what I call fucking , married was the shit to the body , the husband likes liked or bye , then became hot to devote to bitching , so if you see the great women

  3. If the husband treated her that way,I didn't like her!
    If she took such decisions…
    Both also demonstrate how which also, I already didn't like him!
    So Then…
    The decision was correct and neither should be victims of the same!

  4. Agreed – the AdobeQT process goes out of control.

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