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What men think of women. We want the truth?

What men think of women.

We want the truth?

The men say it's hard to know what women think and want, but the truth is that it is much more difficult to understand what men think because they have more difficulty speaking. It's not intentional, communicate their thoughts and feelings simply isn't enough so natural for them as for us.

Cellulite? And?

Cellulite, stretch marks, tires ... believes, most men don't bother with it. Of course, they like… Very much… to see the Playboy, But having a perfect body isn't absolute priority. They love their woman well cared for in General: the waxing days, gray hair covered and soft skin. But details such as the pores in the skin are very visible or cellulite, well, they really don't want to know.


Elegance and class earn the vulgarity.

Use short shorts with a top that let your belly on display, a super short dress, Super low, is not the ideal of sexy for a man, or anyone. They might even like to see, but they probably won't want to walk with you on the street dressed like that.

Get dressed sexy yet elegant. For example, a dress just above the knee, Mark well the waist and has a mild enough cleavage to stay beautiful and leaving him eager to unravel what's up down there.


Sometimes men are honest in a way a little rough. Simply don't know how to be diplomatic in time to say what they think. It's not personal, He doesn't want to hurt. The problem is she doesn't know another way of saying what you think. And believe, When he is honest about something that you don't like, It is because he cares about you!

cave man

Yes! You're beautiful!

Men want you to convince you that you're beautiful and stop kvetching of wrinkles, of cellulite. If he's with you, Surely one of the reasons is because you're beautiful and sexy. It seems superficial, but among all the reasons, These are part because men are Visual creatures. Therefore, more self-confidence, girls!


And suffer. Men suffer immense pressure of society because they need to be strong, must be those that initiate the courtship, need to have the big penis, need to make women feel special ... But we do not realize that. Men also need to talk about your feelings, need to feel special and also received praise. The men are also sensitive!

The command is your

Yes, many men like to dominate, but they also like to be controlled. It's not a question of sadomasochism, but simply taking the reins of the situation from time to time.

Time to "lock" prefer locations where you have less work? Well, men also. This is one of the reasons why they like it so much when you're on top: In addition to getting a great view of your body and they feel that you're in charge, they are more relieved than "work". Time to change!

Confidence is sexy

Men like women who demonstrate confidence, both of them, How about themselves. This is because, in both cases, the trust shows that the woman doesn't make dramas for nothing. And you know they have allergies to dramas. Know order a drink at the bar, not having an existential crisis at a time you don't know what you're going to wear, don't keep sending messages when he goes out with his friends, all of this demonstrates that you're a mature woman and miss you. Furthermore, He will know that I depend on him and, probably, will make more effort to keep around.



Too much makeup is not sexy

Want to know what men think about makeup? Many do not like excessively woman maquilhadas. Eyes with makeup too strong, for example, are not so attractive. Focus on making beautiful skin, disguising some imperfections, a blush and a lipstick to give a healthy air.

Zero tolerance with artificiality and insincerity

Women think that to make a man happy to embody a specific type of woman: Lolita or Rita Pereira. If you're not so, don't pretend, This is a shot in the foot. The mask will eventually fall and there will be a deceção and frustration for both.

Instead of wanting to know what men think, You probably want to know what your man thinks. It is best to be direct and ask him. After all, who knows him better than himself to respond?


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