You want to stand out in the summer events? Then this is for you!

You want to stand out in the summer events? Then this is for you!


Preparing your wardrobe For Summer Festivals!





The clothing…

Yes girls, summer comes and the festivals and they all start thinking how are they going to be fashionable for a festival, anything that implies you're as comfortable as possible and not as fixed as when you go to the "night".

Of course, most girls like mini skirt and high heels, but a festival is not very advisable, for obvious reasons. ?

But do not despair! It is not impossible, be comfortable and fashionable at the same time, that I can guarantee you!

First of all you must get a Hat, not only because they're super trendy, but also, to protect you from the Sun during the afternoon concerts.


Screenshot 2015-07-13, at 15.17.57




In relation to clothing, You must choose something comfortable that makes you move, After all the festivals are to dance till you drop.

Avoids tissue too fragile if amarrotem with ease. Certain is that the style of the event's more stripped, but I'm sure you don't want to look like someone who woke up 10 minutes.

Prevents also those mini skirts of stretch fabric that spend their lives climbing, can you show something you don't want.

Chooses to shorts that are much more practical.


Screenshot 2015-07-13, at 15.20.52 copy




In relation to the tops, Personally I love the crochet tops with a bikini underneath or crop tops with waistlines climbs.


Screenshot 2015-07-13, at 15.21.00 copy



I'm also a big fan of overalls. Is that the one scene to see if the top looks good with the bottom is really boring. In addition it is also something that is super trendy.


Screenshot 2015-07-13, at 15.21.11 copy




Dresses It can also be something to consider, but be careful, If you want to use a shorter puts bikini underneath so as not to show anything you don't want to. If they are longer, try to be as wide or elastic tissue, to allow you to move at will.


Screenshot 2015-07-13, at 15.21.20 copy



Prefer fabrics with patterns not very clear, It is known that on this occasion is quite conducive to dust.

In relation to the footwear Some people like to go with sandals, and now even a few very cool Gladiator type, but I would advise a Bootie or tennis. With everybody racing stay with your feet in a sorry state.


Screenshot 2015-07-13, at 15.32.18 copy


And you can't miss some Accessories to give a more elaborate look.


Screenshot 2015-07-13, at 15.35.03 copy



Chooses to bags practices, You can take take lap or on your back.


Screenshot 2015-07-13, at 15.36.55 copy

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