Rihanna gets naked’ the accuracy for Carnival

Rihanna gets naked’ the accuracy for Carnival

The singer participated in the Barbados Carnival.


Rihanna proved that you know make a party!

The singer participated in the parade of Carnival in Barbados, one of the biggest events of the homeland of the artist. And of course, the artist dressed or in this case 'undressed' to the nines for the occasion and made the feeling among everyone who watched the party.
The artist shared several images of the parade, in which shows the costume that uses, which in turn is reminiscent of the Brazilian Carnival. Rihanna appears with a sort of ' bikini ', all worked in stone and its turquoise waters.

of the body, This is in excellent shape and with a makeup that enhances your traces. In the midst of many people, the artist seems to be a lot of fun with friends and family.

Check out the pictures below:



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  1. “Can I see it only as such in the fog ?
    The most beautiful picture of a woman!
    Ist’s möglich, ist das Weib so schön?
    Muß ich an diesem hingestreckten Leibe
    Den Inbegriff von allen Himmeln sehn?”

  2. “welcome, sweet twilight,
    Thou this sanctuary durchwebst!
    Ergreif mein Herz, du süße Liebespein,
    Die du vom Tau der Hoffnung schmachtend lebst!”

  3. “What takes my bliss for Graus!
    Hier möchtich volle Stunden säumen.
    nature! hier bildetest in leichten Träumen
    Den eingebornen Engel aus!
    Hier lag das Kind, mit warmem Leben
    Den zarten Busen angefüllt,
    Und hier mit heilig reinem Weben
    Entwirkte sich das Götterbild!”

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