Victoria Beckham suffered bullying in adolescence!

Victoria Beckham suffered bullying in adolescence!


Who knew that even the ex-Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham, suffered bullying in high school "for being different". The designer, spoke on the subject in an interview in the new issue of Allure, magazine in which you cover and filling.

I haven't studied in a private school. It was a public school. And it wasn't a very nice school. I suffered bullying for being different from the other children. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, because it's awful!”, vented.

Victoria enroladão hair and arms in adolescence. She is right there in the Middle, featured in the photo!




The designer said that his former colleagues of the Group Spice Girls were essential to help her overcome her lack of self-esteem.

I think what gave me confidence in myself was to know the other girls. Always we all had suffered rejection somehow. We worked a lot and they helped me accept me being who I was”, completed.



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