"The Farm": Gisela Serrano is already causing "havoc"

The losing audience to "The Voice" (RTP), the production of the reality show TVI bet on controversial figures to inhabit the Mafra. Gisela Serrano, which became known for participating in "Masterplan" (SIC), entered as "mistress" and as you would ever hope began to wreak havoc.

Hours after he stepped on first to fifth, Gisela was not with half measures and criticized several competitors. Merche was the main target and the Spanish was moved to tears with the words of the new "boss". "I joined because I was asked who my favorite was and I said: ‘Saúl’. Although Liliana (Aguiar) be one of my best friends ", He began by saying. "And who has already quit? Merche ", shot, outspoken. "There was a problem between Merche and Liliana, I should not even exist. I was competitor and wanted to name my best friend named, my best friend does not have to be upset, because nomeei. I'm not in summer camp, I'm in a game, of course I would keep to the end of the one I like best. A Liliana nomeou a Merche, because Merche interrupted Liliana without even realizing, but for those who are out there interprets things differently ", explained, taking clearly or "party" gives friend, who was expelled on Sunday night.

The presenter did not like the words Gisela and proved shaken, even talking about quitting, while being comforted by Santiago, Luna e Kelly. "I feel powerless, I am smoking three times ... I'm not like it, I'm not part of the fifth ", confessed, tearful.

Moon defends Merche
The Angolan competitor can not stand to see the sad presenter and confronted Gisela: "This your opinion about everyone, I also think that I have the opportunity to give my. I did not like the way you spoke with Merche, because to say what one thinks is not to make the other feel bad. I'm really upset to see her so. I think you should have better assessed the words ".

"It is not bad by my words, she was sensitive. I did not speak badly of her, just said what he thought ", He defended the "mistress". "I know you are suffering because of it because, Moon regret more, nothing I can do nothing ", said, ending the conversation.

Once Luna turned back Gisela continued to talk about it with Reuben, Erica and Angelica: "I hate people who makes poor thing". The "boss" again defended his friend and partner Liliana and says what Merche did "was a stab".

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