THE FIFTH: “You've been taking eggs rabbits?” says Carlos Costa – EGGS TO RABBITS???? (video)

After Juliana entry, Carlos Costa presents the animals of the Fifth colleague and says how things work. The competitor Wood (neither seems to come from such a rural land) Juliana says that rabbits lay… eggs!!!! Yes eggs! A conversation at least strange and captured the attention of those who heard and saw this moment. Further notes that: “Eggs to be born bunnies”. Does the competitor refers to the Easter Bunny and messed with the Easter eggs????

The most amazing is that Juliana is either very stupid and followed conversation with Carlos believing that rabbits lay eggs, or Carlos was playing with a colleague.

See the video below, the conversation between the two competitors on the subject begins the minute 1:54


carlos quer tirar ovos aos coelhos video

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  1. very educational programs and very intelligent characters,good sample of Portugal!

  2. it is natural that Carlitos say a pearl of these. The Easter Bunny is giving eggs instead of chicken :The

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