Yesterday ran an African Party n' The Fifth and things got heated between competitors, Carlos Costa gave a gay kiss on Peter… even in full on the MOUTH!!!!!!

Larama and Sara Norte, After various discussions seem to have been friends, kissed and enjoyed the colleagues. “Tonight you sleep in my bed?“, played the winner of Big Brother Angola. When it came time to kiss one of the competitors Carlos Costa, immediately the ' Fifth ' in weight shouted the name of Santiago, but the brother of Merche was limited to throwing out your tongue and the singer didn't kiss him. However, challenged again Carlos Costa kissed Peter.

At night, with the lights out, Carlos Costa and Santiago they were lying on the same bed. The singer asked for a kiss to the model and this she kissed his forehead. “That Kiss more poor. Want a little smooch!“, required, but Santiago didn't want and warned that they could be caught on camera. Carlos insisted again and Merche's brother gave him two Tender kisses on the face, wishing you a good night then.


Carlos Costa kiss on the mouth!




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