BOOOOMBA: Reuben betrayed Sofia Ribeiro cross with ... Merche Romero

Reuben Cross and Sofia Ribeiro


Reuben of the cross have jumped the fence several times.. one of them with Merche Romero!


Is advanced today in TV7Dias that the Reuben of the cross I've been wrapped up with Merche Romero when he still was dating the actress Sofia Ribeiro. Who guarantees is a source close to the former couple, and have been the reason for the separation, want to say Sofia Ribeiro knew was betrayed.

A friend of the actress is, it wasn't half measures and ensures that he is playing the role of Nice inside the House and the other Sofia's have been fed up with what he considered the Nice the story in the press. As regards the betrayal all happened in the Algarve, is that Merche was RP in a Club this summer and have been through there several familiar faces.

She had some summer cases, because I was single and apart from an employee of the nosolo, the Reuben of the cross was picked up at the Hotel Tivoli.

Apparently this was not the only betrayal that Sofia Ribeiro was the target, and she even have forgiven several times because he thought that he would not repeat. :The

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  1. the mercy could tar silent in relation to brother to merce k va clean the posilgas.

  2. This just proves that the corral fence is low, or have to carry barbed wire.

  3. as pessoas sao mesmo mas. sabendo a situaçao da sofia que nem sequer quer ver o ruben e ainda fazem destas merdas para magoa la ainda mais a serio! gente estupida

  4. ele é q esteve mal…. força, Sofia!! 😀

  5. a merche tb é uma boa sabidona vai a todos

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