Already there is talk of marriage the Fifth: “I like you, I have affection for you”



Santiago Romero and Carlos Costa continue to become more NEXT!!!! Talk on marriage in the fifth and all! They were in bed with some very intimate conversations: “I just want you to help me unwrap” said Carlos and Santiago gave him a reply very romantic: “says we're just friends and I have affection for you and you have affection for me, I can be playing and my feelings are seriously, I like you!”… but then he says he wants to marry when you find the right woman…. one of two: or Santiago see in Carlos a woman or is doing this windbag! 😀 the truth is that Carlos suggests that wants to marry his partner on the beach!!!!!

See the video below the intimate moments of Santiago and Carlos.

Thursday Santiago admits to having affection for carlos




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  1. this hook is crazy,these are bad examples for adolcentes.

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