Who's the new competitor of the fifth?

ines-aquinta-nova concorrente

Paulo Freitas do Amaral was expelled, but the fifth won a new competitor!

On a night of thrills, several were the guys enter the House, one of which is a new competitor.

The new competitor presents himself to the Group and says he wants to be a nurse.




Who is Agnes?


Loves fashion, clothes and shopping. Currently with 19 years, This wizard of solarium, a native of Walls, works from the 15 in order to have your things without limitations. She's nice, but don't let anyone treat you wrong. Doesn't like to take hold of her hair, Why is your asset and his great pride. Is the hair that always calls the attention of the guys wherever you go. Frequents the gym every once in a while but their biggest hobby is sleeping. Has a phobia of worms and all that looks like they. Enter on Thursday will be a big challenge.


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Click on the image to see the video presentation of Agnes



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